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The official languages are Greek and Turkish. Due to the geographic separation of Cyprus into the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities in 1974, Greek now predominates in the South and Turkish in the North of the island. English is also widely understood on the island.


Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate: hot and dry summer, short and wild winter. More that 320 days are sunny here.

Average temperature in Cyprus:

  • In spring +20...+27°C
  • In summer +30...+34°C
  • In autumn +22...+31°C
  • In winter +17...+19°C.

The west part of the island is the coldest, around Paphos. It is always 3-4 decrees lower than in other regions. In winter in the Troodas mountains above the altitude of 1 kilometre it snows, which allows skiing for 2-6 weeks per year.


National Cyprus cuisine absorbs the best from the culinary secrets of its neighbours in the Mediterranean. It is based on traditional Greek and Turkish cuisine, but also the influence of Armenian, Arab and English cuisine is present.  

The basis of Cyprus cuisine is meat and vegetable dishes. It's healthy and light food. Seafood is not used much as fish is seldom caught in the seashore next to Cyprus, it is delivered from other regions of the Medeterenian and beyond.   

The most famous local dish is the traditional meze which is served as a whole meal, the halloumi cheese and the zivania schnapps.

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