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Real Estate Profile


According to the information of the WHOEPI (Index of the most popular real estate), Cyprus is the best country for real estate investments. This index determines a country's capacity to become a target for capital investments, taking into consideration such factors as the level of direct foreign investments, political and economic climate, quantity of properties built, Internet rating and its profile in mass media. Studies show that Cyprus is expecting capital growth of approximately 16-20% in 2008.

Tourism growth is expected in the next ten years of about 4.6% - it's good news for investors, who are looking for established real estate market opportunities. Rates of rental income, which on average are 7-10%, in combination with coefficient of capital appreciation make Cyprus a popular destination in Western Europe for investments.

Cyprus is an EU-member country, and from January 2008 it's state currency became Euro. EU accession already influenced the real estate price growth and increased the attraction of Cyprus as a new direction for investments.

Cyprus combines the best qualities from both worlds - it has all the advantages of the developed world, whilst at the same time maintaining its own traditional roots. Cyprus has 320 sunny days per year, wonderful sandy beaches, superb infrastructure, a highly developed bank system and a very low crime rate. All this makes Cyprus a low risk zone for investments.


Rules for purchasing real estate in Cyprus have changed since September 3, 2002. Now citizens of EU countries and other foreigners have a right to buy real estate without contingencies. Also limits on the size of an acquired land plot have been removed.

The purchase procedure in Cyprus is simple.  The whole process can be done in English or some other languages.

Our company along with our foreign partners will accompany you during the whole process of purchase. We will be delighted to provide you with detailed information on real estate purchase procedure in Greece.

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