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Real Estate Profile


German real estate is a perfect subject for capital investments, which is characterized by high quality and reliable price increase. According to the statistics, average increase of residential real estate in Germany was at the level of 4% in 2006. If the property is rented out, profit will be around 4-7% annually, provided repayment is by rent.

Prices for real estate in Eastern and Western Germany substantially differ, with an average price of 1000-5000 Euro/sq.m. Eastern Germany is still underestimated, especially Berlin, which makes it especially profitable for investing in real estate presently. Average price for Berlin's property fluctuate within 800-2000 Euro/sq.m. Prices for Western Germany's real estate, namely in Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main vary in the range 1500-3000 Euro/sq.m.

Besides, the following German cities were included into the list of best European cities for living: Düsseldorf (5th place), Frankfurt (7th place), Munich (8th place) and Berlin (16th place). There are mass factors, which will help you to feel confident about Germany, such as a highly developed country with concerted legislation and a reliable bank system, advanced infrastructure, a high level of social security and a clean environment.


German legislation does not limit non-residents in acquisition of real estate, both residential and commercial. It could be registered in a private name or company.

Our company along with our foreign partners will accompany you during the whole process of purchase.
We will be delighted to provide you with detailed information on real estate purchase procedure in Germany.


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