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The official language is Greek, which is spoken by 99% of the population. English, German, Italian and French are also used in this country.


The climate of Greece is predominantly Mediterranean, but it still can be categorised into three types that influence well-defined regions of its territory:

  • Dry Mediterranean, where during the summer it is almost always sunny and dry, and winter is wet, with copious amounts of rain, and sporadic snow.
  • Continental Mediterranean, there is a more notable difference between temperatures in summer and winter. Summers are hot, with somewhat frequent thunderstorms. Winters are cold and often harsh with locally abundant snowfalls.
  • Alpine Mediterranean, the winter is harsh with plentiful snowfalls, while the summers are cool with frequent thunderstorms. This climate is to be found on high mountains.

Average temperature of water in summer is around +27°C.


Food in Greece is a celebration. Thanks to a long history of Greece and its geographical location, Greece cuisine absorbs culinary tradition of many nations, thus there is impressive choice of dishes.

Contemporary Greek cuisine is typical of the Mediterranean, making wide use of olive oil, grains and bread, wine, fish, and various meats, including mutton and lamb.

Greek salad and moussaka are world famous. Among appetizers Feta cheese and olives are the most popular, and olive oil that is produced in large quantities adds distinctive taste to all Greek food.


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