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Ctra.de Cadis, Km 198 Edif.Mansion
Alhamar Ofic.122.
29649 Calahonda, Mijas Costa, Spain

Representative office in Ukraine

Ukraine, Kyiv,
M. Hrinchenka St.4, 3rd floor


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Official language is Spanish or as it is known as Castilian; 100% of population speaks it. Nonetheless, other languages, proper to its constituent communities, have been declared co-official with Spanish in the territories in which they are spoken, namely: Catalan, Valencian, Galician, Basque and Aranese.


Due to Spain's geographical situation, the climate is extremely diverse. It can be roughly divided into three climates:

  • The moderate continental climate exists in the inland areas; largest city, Madrid.
  • The Mediterranean climate region, which roughly extends from the Andalusian plain along the southern and eastern coast up to Pyrenees; a region of Barcelona.
  • An Oceanic climate takes place in Galicia and the coastal strip by the Bay of Biscay; largest city, Bilbao.


Spanish cuisine and wine will turn your trip to Spain into a real fiesta. Spain is a country with traditionally high quality meat and seafood dishes. For example the northern region of Galicia is renowned for its seafood and meat dishes and Valencia - with paella and prawn delicacies.

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