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Switzerland is multilingual country and has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh.


Switzerland has moderate continental climate, but it can differ depending on the area, especially in the mountain regions.
Average temperature in Switzerland:

  • Summer +18 to +20°C in valleys, lower in the mountains.
  • Winter 0°C to -10°C and lower in the mountains.

Snow is abundant in the winter. Some areas in the Alps lie under perpetual snow and glaciers.


Many people traditionally associate Switzerland with cheese and chocolate. Swiss cuisine is based on the cooking tradition of Germany, France and Italy, although the dishes of melted cheese - Fondue and Racklette - are typically Swiss. Cheese is used in many Swiss dishes - in soups, salads, mains and deserts.

One more highlight of this country is Swiss wine, which has rich ranges of taste and freshness of aroma. In modern days many Swiss wines win international awards.


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